Can you drink juice when you are fasting?

Avoid drinking sugary drinks, such as juice or soft drinks, during the fasting period. Dietary soft drinks and flavored waters are also not recommended, as they cause an insulin response in the body. You should also avoid drinking coconut water, as it contains carbohydrates and can break the fast. Fasting apple cider vinegar alone is not a good idea, since it doesn't provide the body with a full range of necessary vitamins and minerals.

Unfiltered apple juice is a much better option, as it contains a little bit of fiber along with vitamin C. Juices without added sugar, artificial colors, or flavors provide pure nutrition without the chemical additives you're trying to avoid. Fruit juices are high in natural sugars, so it's a good idea to add protein, such as yogurt, to a liquid diet to help slow the insulin response. Determining what you can eat or drink during a fast can be a challenge.

In particular, many people wonder if it's OK to drink water.

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